The 2-week follow-up program

Zsófia Clemens, Csaba Tóth

Description of the Initial consultation + 2-week follow-up program


What is the aim of the 2WFU?

The aim of the program is to make sure you understand and apply the PKD protocol properly and to provide you with the needed support during the transition period. PKD rules are simple but details and individual suggestions are crucial and should not be underestimated. Even small deviations may hinder your recovery. Often, small deviations from the rules are hard to notice and preexisting habits are in the way of recovery. We are here with the 2WFU program to help you identify and rectify whatever is hindering your recovery for you to reach your health goals.


Why do we only provide medical consultation with the 2WFU?

Your success is our success. Experience tells us that patients who take part in the 2WFU program are much more successful in reaching the expected health goals as compared to those who only had an initial medical consultation. It is our goal to help you reach your health goals effectively, without frustration, as quickly as possible.


What do we offer during the 2WFU?

During the 2WFU we offer dietary guidance along with medical follow-up. The follow-up takes place on an online platform. On this platform, you will be able to access comprehensive educational material. The 2WFU includes tracking of your daily home measurements, two dietary consultations with our dietary assistant via skype, and message exchange.


Dietary guidance

As part of the dietary education, we provide you with comprehensive educational material to read, daily recipe tips for the two weeks, meal pictures explaining the basics of the diet, and more than 100 questions and answers. During the dietary consultations, our dietary consultant answers questions about recipes, kitchen techniques and is ready to assess your diet diary or food pictures. You can change messages with our colleagues on a daily basis. You will be able to upload pictures of your meals to get feedback. Whenever possible, we do our best to share information about reliable meat sources in your own country.


Medical guidance

During the 2WFU we provide continued medical guidance. This means that a medical doctor will track your progress and evaluate your daily feedback. You will receive medical suggestions, and/or advice on additional medical tests if applicable. We are ready to evaluate the medical test results that you send us anytime within the 2WFU. We also provide short medical explanations if needed. Please, note that we cannot provide medical guidance once the dietary suggestions are not followed, or the other way around. Taking only dietary or medical advice, or cherry-picking among our suggestions may have undesired consequences. We will only provide continued medical guidance if you comply with suggestions and we receive the necessary continued feedback from you.


How do I keep in contact with you during the 2WFU?

All correspondence will take place on this online patient follow-up platform. Shortly after the initial consultation, you will receive an email with a user name and password that will allow you to enter the follow-up platform. The two consultations with our dietary assistant will take place on skype.


What do we not provide during the 2WFU?

Our program is primarily a medical and not an educational service. It is also not a discussion forum. Our goal is to provide you with the necessary medical and dietary advice that is needed to reverse your health condition. We provide short nutritional or medical explanations regarding the advice given to you. At the same time, we cannot get into the discussion of specific scientific and medical topics.

If you are interested in specific scientific topics, we can suggest you articles to read. At the same time, be aware of the fact that as regards PKD and diseases there is no relevant literature other than the one written by Paleomedicina-ICMNI. The reason behind this is that PKD was created by Paleomedicina-ICMNI, and currently no one else uses it in a clinical practice or publishes about it. Yet, we have not published articles on each and every subject we have experience in and you may be interested in.

Please, also note that we do not manage emergency situations. If you experience a sudden deterioration of your condition or a serious new-onset symptom, you have to be seen by your local emergency health care service.

The 2WFU does not include evaluation of the 3-week control blood work or the control consultation. Evaluation of the 3-week blood work is part of the control consultation.


What do we need from you during the 2WFU?

We provide our time, expertise, and knowledge in dietary therapy and in standard medical therapies. We require your cooperation in following our suggestions and providing us with the necessary feedback. Once the 2WFU starts, we need daily feedback from you regarding your home-measured blood glucose, blood ketones, body weight, daily food amount, and symptoms. You will be able to enter these data on the online platform. During the first dietary consultation with the dietary assistant, you will receive instructions on how to provide the follow-up data to us.

Please, keep your questions short and concise. The dietary assistant may not be able to send more than one reply a day. Questions that are not urgent and require a more extensive elaboration will be discussed during the dietary consultation call.


How long after my initial consultation should I start the 2WFU?

You have to start the 2WFU within a week after your initial consultation.


When do I have my first dietary consultation?

The first dietary consultation should be done during the first three working days of the 2WFU.


When do I have my second dietary consultation?

The second dietary consultation typically takes place 7 days after the first consultation, but the exact timing may depend on our dietary assistant’s and your schedule.


How long does the 2WFU last?

The program lasts for 14 days. We are available during the 14 days and not beyond.


What is happening after the 2WFU?

Once the 2WFU ends, you will not be able to upload data or send messages. Upon finalizing the 2WFU you will receive a closing report summarizing our clinical impression, suggestions on how to improve your diet, medical conclusions, and the next medical steps so that you exactly know how to go on.

Please, note that we cannot reply messages after finishing the 2WFU. For administrative issues please use the email address.

If you feel that you need of a continued support after the 2WFU finishes, you may consider booking an additional 2WFU

Although you will not be able to reach us through the follow-up platform, your measurements, uploaded documents and messages will remain available to you. Thus at a later point, you will be able to come back and check all the information that you received from us during the 2WFU.

As regards the next steps after the 2WFU, please, see the next section (What to do after the 2WFU is over?)


What to do after the 2WFU is over?

Once the 2WFU ends, in most cases, we suggest a 3-week blood test as a next step. The blood work list will be individualized for you based on your disease and specific diet and medical questions to answer. This blood work list will be available for on the follow-up platform. Once you have the blood test result you are suggested to book a control consultation. You can book a control consultation at this link (You have to purchase the service called “Control consultation”. Please, also upload your blood work or any other new medical test or home measurement log that you have.

The original blood work result document is absolutely necessary to apply for a control consultation. Please, make sure that the whole list of laboratory parameters is done otherwise we can only give you a partial feedback.

During the control consultation, we will discuss your blood work or any new medical test, compare it to the previous ones, draw conclusions and help to fine-tune the diet if needed.


Can you give me examples of how other patients benefited from your program?

You will be able to find short medical reports of previous patients taking part in the initial consultation + 2-week program here.


Do you have published case studies?

Yes, we do. We are involved in nutritional and medical research. You can find our published scientific studies at this link.