Professional sports nutrition

New approaches have emerged recently in sports nutrition. Since sports is a highly result-oriented activity, there is a constant need to review all applied methodologies.

In sports nutrition, everything used to be about carbohydrates and the use of supplements, vitamins and trendy “wonder ingredients”. Athletes typically optimize their performance in addition to training, and due to the shortcomings of the old methods, there are ample reserves to increase performance in a natural way.

The various athletic activities should be classified according to their nature. The preparation of a weightlifter should be quite different from that of a kayak-canoeist or a handball player. Different muscle composition and metabolic functions are optimal in all three activities. The proper functioning of the muscles and the development of the proper form of metabolism and their maximum efficiency depend significantly on nutrition. In addition, the speed of regeneration and recovery processes also depends significantly on nutrition and the available vitamin base.

The key to muscle work is not only to have the muscle of the optimal size for the job, but also to provide the muscles with the right energy. In this regard, a properly developed form of ketosis can provide significant additional performance. The increase in performance can be achieved by employing two key mechanisms:

  1. The length of time during which aerobic exercise is involved by using one unit of oxygen is significantly extended
  2. Ketosis increases the lactate threshold or more precisely, it reduces lactate production, i.e., the result of the process which scares athletes the most.

However, it is good to know that ketosis can be achieved in several ways by changing the diet. Nevertheless, an increase in performance occurs only in optimally designed ketosis.

In addition, with zero or extremely low carbohydrate intake, regeneration periods can be drastically reduced, allowing for a repeat of peak performance in a short period of time. At the same time, the risk of injury is significantly reduced because the factors that cause tissue rupture are eliminated from the diet.

In the course of our work, we have gained experience that can increase sports performance by 15 to 20%, and that can also help achieve a balanced performance and can significantly reduce the length of regeneration periods, whether between races or events.

So, here is what we offer and focus on:

  1. Significantly increasing your performance by using a natural methodology
  2. Balanced performance without fluctuations
  3. Shortening the regeneration time

There are several ways we can help you, depending on whether you are an amateur or professional athlete, an individual or a team sports participant.

If you’re an amateur athlete, we’ll give you exhaustive information on how you can optimize your metabolic abilities. If you are a professional athlete, it is advisable to plan for the longer term and start our cooperation before the preparatory phase. It takes a minimum of 4 months to optimize performance enhancement through nutritional intervention. You will need to count this back from the time of the first event on your race calendar. In the case of professional athletes, we only undertake preparation and continuous monitoring for the entire season. In the case of professional athletes, we only undertake preparation and continuous monitoring for the entire season. This is because effective and efficient work can only be done in this case. The financial implications of this are always designed in such a way that it is not burdensome for the athlete.

We also only undertake the training of teams and team sports for a full period of time, and we always focus on the objective proof of actual performance enhancement. Through our collaboration, we provide comprehensive nutrition science and sports medicine leadership.

It is a priority and paramount for us that the methodology we use, unlike some commonly used tools, does not pose any health risk. On the contrary, it also minimizes the occurrence of sudden death and other unexpected events.

Should you be interested in working together please drop us an email for more personalized information.