Natalie Daniels

Nutritional intervention assistant

Natalie Daniels has been part of the ICMNI-Paleomedicina team since 2018. She works as a
nutritional therapy advisor assisting patients during their initial transitioning period into the paleo-
keto diet protocol.

Natalie went through the healing process herself before becoming a PKD nutrition consultant. After
adopting the paleo-keto diet she gained her health back and there began her journey to help others
do the same. She was trained by Dr. Zsófia Clemens and Dr. Csaba Tóth who taught her their insights
into this successful animal-based diet protocol.

Prior to 2018 Natalie worked as a holistic health practitioner, focusing on ayurvedic nutrition,
massage and yoga therapy.

Now her focus is to educate others on the benefits of an animal-based diet backed by science to
propel others toward their own ultimate visions of health and to trigger feel-good results in their
daily lives.