Live mini-symposium on Intestinal Permeability (IP) and related clinical aspects by ICMNI-Paleomedicina

April 24, 2021
17:30 Budapest/CET time


Duration: 2 x 50 min + 30 minutes for questions

Dr. Zsófia Clemens, neurobiologist
Dr. Csaba Tóth, physician, researcher

Language: English and Hungarian (simultaneous interpretation)

The event will be recorded and will be available for those who purchased a ticket.

Intestinal permeability (IP) is a key to understand to real cause of autoimmune diseases and allergies. The measurement of the IP also provides information of the function of the other biological membranes which have a pivotal role in connecting and separating different spaces in our bodies and include the blood-brain barrier, membranes of the alveoli, the placenta and even the membranes of the mitochondria. Secondarily involvement of these membranes may account for a wide array of conditions, including the development of neurodegenerative diseases, cancer and spontaneous abortion.

This mini-symposium is a unique opportunity to listen to specialists who are not only involved in the development of the methodology of measuring IP but are also experienced in the clinical background and experience in dietary intervention therapy targeting IP.

The presentation will cover the following topics:

  • The short history of measuring IP
  • The physiological role of IP
  • Measuring IP
  • Why ICMNI-Paleomedicina methodology is superior over other methods
  • IP and cancer: measurements and clinical correlations from our practice
  • IP and permeability of other membranes
  • Clinical relevance
  • Before-after measurements
  • The effect of certain food components on IP
  • What we do not yet know about IP

The symposium will be open for the first 100 applicant (for technical reasons) and will be available in Zoom.

There is a possibility to purchase the ticket for the mini-symposium and PEG400 test for a discount price.

Participants of the symposium are eligable for a one-time extraordinary discount when buying PEG400 test in conjunction.



Mini-symposium: 79 EUR

Mini-symposium + 1 PEG400 test: 195 EUR

Mini-symposium + 2 PEG400 tests: 260 EUR