Initial consultations break


We will have to take a break from initial consultations because of a creative leave.

Currently, we are unable to accept new patients, except for high-grade or advanced cancer* cases, in which the time factor is crucial. We accept control consultation, healthy consultation and additional 2-week follow-up requests only. For the forthcoming weeks, our schedule is already full and in December and January, we will focus on research work and writing publications. We will resume accepting new patients from February.

Within the meat-eater community our team is the only one who is regularly publishing clinical research data in scientific or medical journals. But in the last few years due to a surge in the number of patient consultations we were not able to dedicate any time to writing publications.

Over the course of the years we have collected data, knowledge and observations from thousands of patients similar to which has not been seen, collected or published so far. Our patients often ask the question whether we have publication for a specific disease. Our usual answer is that we have ample experience for that specific disease, but do not have a formal written publication. In order to bridge the gap between our clinical experience and the publications we need to momentarily pause consultations for new patients and fully dedicate to scientific analysis, writing and publishing.

Once we will have these publications, our notions, claims, and patient suggestions become more substantiated, more accepted and better understood. As a result, this would possibly have a bigger impact on the current healthcare system and eventually on the life of diseased people.

We apologize for any inconvenience and thank you for your understanding.

*In this case, please contact