Charismatic Youtube influencers and science. Is it a good combination or not?


There is a guy coming up with a bombastic video:


We have to say that Frank Tufano is right in saying that the carnivore diet is not sustainable in the long run. But it is also not a good idea to give dietary advice to others if you do not even know what the right diet for yourself is. Especialy, if “others” are sicker than you. We suspect that the new carnivore-potato diet “invention” will not work either. What’s guaranteed is that there will be many who will follow another nonsense advice out of desperation. Next admissions and new “my new diet” videos are also guaranteed.

What is happening with the carnivore diet is a good example of how one can build fame out of nowhere and at the same time efficiently destroying others’ brilliant scientific ideas. Until a few years ago the field of nutrition was dominated by real experts, out of whom a few original thinkers came up with revolutionary scientific ideas about the relationship between diet and diseases. 

For years, many have wondered (or even laughed at) why we use the name PKD and why we insist in keeping this diet in a separate category from the carnivore one. At the same time, we wondered why we should have jumped on a new term as we started using the PKD already in 2010, way before the carnivore diet became a trend. Some now-popular Youtube carnivore influencers were still preaching a vegetarian diet when we were already practicing and publishing about the PKD and diseases. 

We suggest going back to the roots, getting to know the real science experts who, instead of clickbaiting, did real science and set the foundations for us. Speaking of our times, we think that practicing dietary advising should go back to specialized professionals instead of being practiced by bikini models, sellers and social media influencers who do not have any background in life sciences or medicine.


Zsofia Clemens, PhD
Csaba Tóth MD


Ps: We have borrowed the term “charismatic blogger” from Loren Cordain who in 2016 wrote an essay on the phenomenon also worth reading.